Medical disorders in the digestive tract

Medical disorders in the digestive tract include many different diseases amongst others:

Gullet/esophagus: inflammation, acid reflux, esophagus hernia, fungal infection, disorder of swallowing, ulceration, cancer.

Stomach and duodenum: inflammation, infection (Helicobacter pylori), ulceration, cancer.

Small and large intestine: inflammation, polyps, tumours, strictures, colitis ulcerosa, morbus Crohn.

Bowel: inflammation, tumours, polyps, haemorrhoids, incontinence.

Pancreas: Inflammation, impaired function, cancer.

Liver: inflammation, fatty liver, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer.

The disorders in the digestive tract can sometimes lack symptoms, other times the symptoms can be very pronounced and include a long range of symptoms and development forms e.g.:

  1. stomach ache from different parts of the stomach and with alternating intervals

  2. oppression in the stomach

  3. acid regurgitations

  4. heartburn

  5. disorder of swallowing

  6. nausea

  7. nomiting

  8. regurgitations

  9. vomiting blood

  10. air in the stomach

  11. swollenness

  12. rumble in the stomach

  13. irregular motions

  14. diarrhoea

  15. bleeding from the bowel

  16. itching around the bowel opening

  17. weightloss

  18. intolerance of food items

  19. joint aches

  20. constipation

  21. incontinence

  22. jaundice