Who is the doctor

Søren Kiilerich graduated from University of Copenhagen, summer 1978.

Subsequently he passed a comprehensive clinical postgraduate education including clinical chemistry, anaesthesiology and intensive care, surgery, internal medicine and medical gastroenterology.

Søren Kiilerich was approved as Specialist of Internal Medicine in October 1991 and as Specialist of Medical Gastroenterology  in, November 1992.

Since summer 1978 he has been employed as a doctor in the Public Health Service, he has been employed by the public Danish Healthcare at Copenhagen's University Hospitals in Glostrup, Herlev, Gentofte, Hvidovre and Bispebjerg.

During the period 1992 to 2003 he was employed as Consultant at Department of Medicine B, Hillerød Hospital. The Department comprises apart from medical gastroenterology (disorders in the digestive tract ) the following specialities: cardiology (heart diseases), lung diseases (medical lung diseases), allergology (allergic diseases) and nephrology (medical kidney diseases). He has since 1992 parallel to his hospital employment run a part-time specialist practice in internal medicine and medical gastroenterology in Copenhagen.

After 11 years employment as Consultant Søren Kiilerich took a year leave of absence to build up the present specialist practice. After this year he ended his employment as Consultant to devote his full attention to the practice.

He has comprehensive experience in performing endoscopic examinations, and he has performed >6.000 upper scopies (gastroscopy) and >6.000 lower scopies (sigmoideoscopy and colonoscopy).

He participates in relevant conferences, courses and congresses both at home and abroad.

He has accomplished and taken part in a considerable number of scientific studies. He is still active within research. He defended his Doctorate at the University of Copenhagen, September 1987 with a thesis on Zinc in human serum - biochemical and clinical aspects.

He is member of Danish Society of Medicine, Danish Society of Internal Medicine, Danish Society of Gastroenterology, Danish Society of Hepatology and the American Society of Gastroenterology together with Danish Society of Good Clinical Practice.