Colonoscopy (examination of the entire colon)

What is colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is an examination of the entire colon. With this method, the doctor can inspect the entire intestine for inflammation, strictures, polyps, tumors and others.  Tissue samples can be taken and polyps can be removed.


The quality of the study is very dependent on a clean colon. Follow therefore the plan carefully.

Do not eat iron tablets and bread with grains the last 3 days before the examination. If you take blood thinners (Marevan or Marcumar - does not apply Aspirin and Plavix), you must stop this medication 3 days prior to the examination date.


The examination last 15 - 30 minutes.

You may get a needle in your arm / hand so we can give you tranquilizers and painkillers.

The colonoscope will be placed gently into the bowel, while inflating air.

This can be uncomfortable and provide some pain. During withdrawal of the endoscope the intestine will be investigated carefully.

After the examination

You need to relax. The first hours you must expect several toilet visits  . You can also experience flatulence and possible loose stool.


Since you most likely had sedative / analgesic medication during the examination, you are not allowed to drive a car / bike or operate / use any machinery the rest of the day.

Result of the examination

Before you leave the clinic you will have the result of the examination and an eventuel further treatment plan. Results of the tissue sample will be present 7 to 14 days after the examination.


If tissue samples have been taken or polyps removed, this may cause, within the next 24 hours, minimal amounts of blood in the stool. In very rare cases, it can be  complicated by a perforation of the intestine. In that case, there will be pain, fever or major bleeding from the bowel and you should immediately contact either the clinic, the emergency doctor or emergency room.

Cleaning of the bowel

The day before the examination starts the purge:

All the day before the examination you need to be on liquid diet. Liquid diets (thin liquid) is all that can get through a sieve, f. Ex. water, clear soup without fillings, juices without pulp (apple juice), lemonade, coffee and tea. However, no dairy products. Do not drink smoothies.

To purge, you will receive 2 PICOPREP powders, from the clinic.

Follow the below clinic instructions (not the ones written at the PICOPREP box):

Take the first bag PICOPREP (the clinic will write date and time here)

Take the second bag PICOPREP (the clinic will write date and time here)

1-3 hours after taking the medication it will starts to work, then it will be very useful to be near a toilet.


  1. 1.Take a glass with 150ml of cold water.

  2. 2.Pour the powder from a letter in the water.

  3. 3.Stir the mixture for 2-3 minutes. When it is no longer shower, the mixture is complete. The mixture will be cloudy / off-white. Then drink the mixture within 15 min.

  4. 4.Drink a large glass (250 ml) of clear liquid in the hours after each letter.

Clear liquid is: Water, energy drinks, apple juice, broth, tea, coffee, etc.

MILK PRODUCTS must be avoided.


You must avoid grains, fiber, and fatty diet the last few days before the examination. A diet, consisting, for example.of white meat (chicken or fish), pasta, white bread and boiled eggs would be appropriate.